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Chronos Version B1.101 Published

Chronos Version B1.101 has been publised ("Beta Release 1--build 101".) Chronos B1.101 is available for VisualWorks only--although the Chronos Seed Archive for B1.101 is also available (the "Chronos Seed" is the platform-independent Chronos codebase, used for porting Chronos from VisualWorks to other Smalltalk pltatforms.) The Squeak version (maintained by Avi Bryant) hasn't changed.

Chronos Version B1.101 can be obtained from the Chronos Web Site, or from the Cincom Public StORE Repository. Or you can use the direct download link.

NOTE: Unless you have done so previously, you will also need to obtain and install the Chronos Time Zone Repository, according to the Chronos Installation Instructions. Otherwise, much of Chronos' time zone functionality will not be available.

About Chronos Version B1.101

Version B1.101 includes a few bug fixes, but mostly the changes from the last released version were motivated by the following issue: What happens when a different (whether newer or older) version of Chronos is installed on top of a version already resident in the image?

First, let me level set: The issue is what happens when one uses a module/version management tool such as StORE or Monticello. I have no expectation that it would ever be possible to file in one version on top of another, unless the "new" version were in the form of a "change set" (i.e, the file-in onlly included the changes between the old and new versions.) I do not distribute "change sets" for Chronos. Those can always be generated on demand by StORE (and also, I hope but don't actually know, by Monticello,) should anyone need such a thing. When using file-ins, it is necessary to first totally remove the previously-installed version from the target image (or just use a new image.)

I believe I have solved all the issues that I was able to discover or discern. I have tested installing version B1.101 (using StORE) on top of various older versions--including the very first version available from the Cincom Public StORE Repository. Every older version I have tried (and I tried many of them) all work, when going to version B1.101--and that's not true for any previous version of Chronos.

The reason I decided to focus on this issue is because I will soon be making fundamental changes in order to fully support not just leap seconds, but mutiple alternative time scales: apparent solar time, time on Mars, etc. Or more precisely, to enable such timescales to be supported simply by subclassing Timescale.

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