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Scientists Test Anti-obesity Vaccine

Scientists Test Anti-obesity Vaccine from

In what may be the first published breakthrough of its kind in the global battle against obesity, scientists at The Scripps Research Institute have developed an anti-obesity vaccine that significantly slowed weight gain and reduced body fat in animal models.



Research dishes out flexible computer chips

Research dishes out flexible computer chips from

New thin-film semiconductor techniques invented by University of Wisconsin-Madison engineers promise to add sensing, computing and imaging capability to an amazing array of materials.


Scientists Discover a Genetic Code for Organizing DNA

Scientists Discover a Genetic Code for Organizing DNA from

DNA – the long, thin molecule that carries our hereditary material – is compressed around protein scaffolding in the cell nucleus into tiny spheres called nucleosomes. The bead-like nucleosomes are strung along the entire chromosome, which is itself folded and packaged to fit into the nucleus. What determines how, when and where a nucleosome will be positioned along the DNA sequence?



Researchers create fiber webs that see

Researchers create fiber webs that see from

In a radical departure from conventional lens-based optics, MIT scientists have developed a sophisticated optical system made of mesh-like webs of light-detecting fibers. The fiber constructs, which have a number of advantages over their lens-based predecessors, are currently capable of measuring the direction, intensity and phase of light (a property used to describe a light wave) without the lenses, filters or detector arrays that are the classic elements of optical systems such as eyes or cameras.



"Quantum leap" towards quantum computing

Science Daily reports that scientists in Germany have overcome a major hurdle towards constructing a working quantum computer: Laser Tweezers Sort Atoms: Major Hurdle On Path To Quantum Computer


Chronos Version B1.173 Published

Chronos Version B1.173 has been publised ("Beta Release 1--build 173".) Chronos B1.173 is available for VisualWorks, Squeak and Dolphin. The Chronos Seed Archive for B1.173 is also available (the "Chronos Seed" is the platform-independent Chronos codebase, used for porting Chronos from VisualWorks to other Smalltalk pltatforms.)

Chronos Version B1.173 can be obtained from the Chronos Web Site. The VisualWorks version can also be obtained from the Cincom Public StORE Repository. You may also use the direct download link for VisualWorks, the direct download link for Squeak or the direct download link for Dolphin.

The Chronos Time Zone Repository is included in the download archive. Be sure to follow the Chronos Installation Instructions--especially if you have not already done so for a previous version of Chronos.

If you are reinstalling Chronos into an image in which an earlier version is already resident, and do not install the new version from the Cincom Public StORE Repository using StORE, it is necessary to first remove the earlier version. StORE has been able to correctly install the new version on top of every earlier version I have tried--but I haven't tried them all.

About Chronos Version B1.173

Chronos Version B1.173 fixes a bug in ChronosParser that was reported by John Rubier. For the Squeak version only, the Passport classes HttpRequest and HttpResponse have been renamed (to PPHttpRequest and PPHttpResponse, respectively) in order to avoid a class name conflict with Seaside (these classes exist only in the Squeak version of Passport.)

The Squeak version of Chronos is now available as either a zip or SAR archive. The SAR archive is available from SqueakMap (