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VisualWorks Version B1.186 of the Chronos Date/Time Library Re-published

Due to a packaging error involving only the VisualWorks version of Chronos, Version B1.186 of the VisualWorks distribution of Chronos is being republished. Neither Squeak nor Dolphin are affected.

The specific problem is that the postLoadAction of the Chronos bundle somehow was lost. The correct postLoadAction for the Chronos bundle is as follows:

    [:package |
    Transcript cr; cr; show: '## Chronos: Post-load Action Invoked.'; cr.
    Chronos.ChronosEnvironment canonical reinstall]

Without this postLoadAction, Chronos will not be properly initialized. If Chronos version B1.186 does not work after being loaded into VisualWorks, this is almost certainly the problem. You can fix it either by getting the republished version (identified in the Cincom Public Store as version B.186vw,) or by evaluating the following "do it" after loading Chronos into an image:

    ChronosEnvironment canonical install.

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