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About the version of Chronos distributed with VW 7.5...

VisualWorks 7.5 was released (finally!) a few days ago. For the first time, the Chronos Date/Time Library is included as a contributed component.

However, I would like to make everyone aware of the following points:

  • The version of Chronos that is on the CD (or that is available from the download page) is an ancient version from early January 2006 (more than a year ago.)

  • No Chronos parcels are included. Only the "" and "" files are present (because back in January 2006, I wasn't distributing parcel files for Chronos.) I've been including parcels in the VisualWorks version of the Chronos download archive since March 2006.

I really recommend that, instead of using the version of Chronos that comes with VW 7.5, you either download the latest version of Chronos (Chronos Version B1.196), or else get the latest released version from the Cincom Public Store.

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