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Why Life Originated (And Why it Continues)

Why Life Originated (And Why it Continues) from

( -- Today, scientists understand pretty well how life evolves, by mechanisms based on Darwin’s theory of natural selection for survival of the fittest. However, Darwin’s 1859 classic, On the Origin of Species, somewhat ironically doesn’t answer that very question – how species actually originated. And to this day, how that first tiny pool of chemicals twitched to life remains a puzzle.


1 comment:

Reinout Heeck said...

*Wow*, and I really mean *wow*:

One of my 'armchair philosopher' results several years ago was:

"Live originated because that is the fastest way for the universe to reach maximum entropy" or more cheekily: Life is merely an optimization to destroy the universe faster.

I'm flattered that this is now being discovered by the scientific community too :-)