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Microscopic 'Hands' For Building Tomorrow’s Machines

From Science Daily:

In a finding straight out of science fiction, chemical and biomolecular engineers in Maryland are describing development of microscopic, chemically triggered robotic “hands” that can pick up and move small objects. They could be used in laboratory-on-a-chip applications, reconfigurable microfluidic systems, and micromanufacturing, the researchers say. A report on their so-called “microgrippers” is published in the Journal of the American Chemical Society.


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Anonymous said...

Oh no! If that is true then the late Richard Smalley is wrong and the visionary Eric Drexler is right! least that small hands part would be right. I just do not see AI happening in the near future since we still don't fully understand how the human mind work! Hopefully some type of molecular nanotechnology would be possible without the AI...