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Physicist Proposes Solution to Arrow-of-Time Paradox


Entropy can decrease, according to a new proposal - but the process would destroy any evidence of its existence, and erase any memory an observer might have of it. It sounds like the plot to a weird sci-fi movie, but the idea has recently been suggested by theoretical physicist Lorenzo Maccone, currently a visiting scientist at MIT, in an attempt to solve a longstanding paradox in physics.
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MKhan said...

Time may be just the presence of motion and forces. Time could be due to expansion of space. Time is slow where expansion of space is slow like around large masses. If total motion and forces within a mass is a constant then as the linear motion is increased the internal motion as well forces within that object slow which is then percieved as slowing of time. If we think of two objects in orbit around each other and imagine time slowing down then we should observe motion slow down as well as forces get weaker. Forces are part of time. Forces determine the arrow of time. Without forces time will be perfectly symetrical and lack any direction.