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New personal computer design wins Microsoft competition

New personal computer design wins Microsoft competition:

Two Purdue University industrial designers won a grand prize at an international competition co-sponsored by Microsoft Corp. for a new personal computer design that may change the way people watch movies, listen to music, play games and read magazines.

The Bookshelf is a personal computer that physically resembles a bookshelf and functions like a bookshelf as books and magazines – or in this case, hardware – are placed on it. The foundation of the computer is its central processing unit, which is a 7-inch cube. The Bookshelf operates with add-on hard drive attachments that are supplied by digital service providers. (Photo provided by Sungho "Oho" Son)

This image shows how the Bookshelf can be pieced together with hard drive attachments that contain multiple movies, games or magazines. As attachments are added, the Bookshelf becomes its own multimedia library custom built by its owner. (Photo provided by Sungho "Oho" Son)

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