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NYSE Full-Day Closures--1885 to 2006

Soon, I'll be releasing a new version of Chronos. One of the new features in the new version will be knowledge of all the dates from 1885 to the present that the New York Stock Exhange was closed for the whole day. This information is useful when performing certain kinds of technical analysis--especially when computing the number of trading days between dates for Fibonacci ratio analysis.

In doing the research for this, I discovered some interesting facts:

1. In 1984, Election Day was removed from the list of regularly-scheduled NYSE holidays.
2. The NYSE was closed on Monday, July 21, 1969 in honor of the first lunar landing.
3. The NYSE was closed every Wednesday for about a six-month period in 1968 due to the 'Paper Crisis' (google it.)
4. In 1953, Lincoln's Birthday, Flag Day and Columbus Day were removed from the list of regularly-scheduled holidays.
5. From 1873 through 1952, there was a 2-hour trading session (10am to Noon) on Saturdays (an excellent trivia question!)
6. The NYSE was closed for several months in 1914 on account of WWI. (!!!)
7. Flag Day was added in 1916.
8. Columbus Day was added in 1909.
9. New Year's Day is not observed when it occurs on a Saturday. 2005 is the most recent example.

Anyway, the list (in reverse order) of all NYSE trading holidays from 1885 to 2006 is presented below. The list only includes full day closures, other than Sundays (or Saturdays after 1952.) This information is not easy to find.

You can view the complete list here: NYSE Full-Day Closures--1885 to 2006.

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