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Chronos Version B1.32 Published

The new version is available from the Chronos web site, or from the Cincom Public StORE Repository. If you have never installed Chronos before, you'll also need the Chronos Time Zone Repository.

Changes in version B1.32:

1. Created a new package named Chronos-Semantic Dates; moved all code relating to SemanticDates (e.g., holidays) to this package.
2. Added ChronosUtility class>>isNilOrEmpty:
3. Changed the various senders of "x size", where the receiver ("x") was intended to sometimes be nil, to use "ChronosUtility isNilOrEmpty: x" instead.
Reason: Not all Smalltalk environments implement nil so that it answers 0 in response to the message #size.

4. Fixed bug in SemanticDatePolicy class>>usFederalHolidaySemanticKeys (there was a typo: WashingtonsBirthDay => WashingtonsBirthday)

5. Fixed minor bug in the example method AnnualDate class>>showSelectedJewishHolidaysForThisYearAndNextYear

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