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John Koza Has Built an Invention Machine

Its creations earn patents, outperform humans, and will soon fly to space. All it needs now is a few worthy challenges

As a high-school student in the 1950s, John Koza yearned for a personal computer. That was a tall order back then, as mass-produced data processors such as the IBM 704 were mainframes several times the size of his bedroom. So the cocksure young man went rummaging for broken jukeboxes and pinball machines, repurposing relays and switches and lightbulbs to make a computer of his own design.

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Gregg Dippold said...

I read the article at PopSci and commented there on their message boards. Stephen Thaler's work predates Koza's and he is so widely published in the field that one cannot help but wonder what is novel and what is simply borrowed. Anyone curious can check out the website: