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Chronos Version Published for Dolphin

I am pleased to announce the availability of a version of Chronos ported to Dolphin (Chronos version B1.171, also now available for VisualWorks and Squeak.)

The Dolphin version currently has no support for any locales other than en_US (US English,) and has no support for retrieiving time zone rule sets over HTTP. Other than that, it provides all the same functionality as the VisualWorks version.

Links to download Chronos:

You should also read the Chronos installation instructions (which admittedly need to be updated to cover both Dolphin and Squeak.) Dolphin uses "package files" (ending in *.pac) instead of either "file ins" or "parcels." The Dolphin version is distributed as the file Chronos.pac (in the archive file, which also includes the Chronos Time Zone Repository.)

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