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Electric field can align silver nanowires

Electric field can align silver nanowires from

Scientists have discovered how to align silver nanowires in a controlled manner with an electric field. Their technique offers a possible route to sculpting and writing on nanowires, an ability that will likely have applications in industrial manufacturing.


Carl Gundel said...

Yay! I always wanted to write on nanowires! I'm so excited! Yippie!

Sorry, I just couldn't help myself. ;-)

Alan Lovejoy said...

"Yay! I always wanted to write on nanowires! I'm so excited! Yippie!"

Well, you should be. As the article says, “This technique will be very important for the process of industrial manufacturing. For example, this method can be used for the preparation of metallic nano-circuits, nanowire-grid polarizers, nanoscale photon crystals, nanoscale optical wave guides, and so on.”

In other words, it's a major advance towards the realization of nanoelectronics as an actual industry. When nanoelectronics goes from being a research topic to a commercial endeavor, where real products are available for sale to real customers, the consequences could be either positive or negative (probaly both)--but decidedly profound, either way.