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Bug fixed; New Version of Time Zone Repository Published

Version 2006e of the Olson Time Zone Database has been published. Consquently, version 2006e of the Chronos Time Zone Repository has been generated by the Chronos Time Zone Compiler (from the Olson data,) and is now avaiable from the Chronos web site (download link: Chronos Time Zone Repository.)

Also, I found and fixed a bug that will be encountered if a) you're using a recent version of Chronos, and b) you haven't properly installed the Chronos Time Zone Repository. When the Chronos Time Zone Repository has not been properly installed, Chronos is supposed to complain, but not not present you with an exception traceback. The bug is that you are in fact presented with an exception traceback. The bug has been fixed in version B1.172, which is now avaiable from the Chronos web site.

If you'd prefer to fix the bug without installing a new version of Chronos, just change the source code of the method ChronosResourceRepositoryContext>>invalidateResourcePaths to the following text:

"The resource paths may be invalid. Reinitialize them."

"{ChronosSystemFacade current resourceRepositoryContext invalidateResourcePaths}"

| oldResourcePathPrefix |
self resourcePathsExist ifTrue: [^true].
oldResourcePathPrefix := resourcePathPrefix.
^(self findValidResourcePathPrefix:
[:resourcePathPrefixString |
self resourcePathPrefix: resourcePathPrefixString])
ifTrue: [true]
[resourcePathPrefix := oldResourcePathPrefix.

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