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How NOT to market your favorite programming language

My dislike of Java is probably at least as strong as that of Obie Fernandez, but his blog post attacking Java is simply not an acceptable way to debate the matter. [I was alerted to this post by Blaine Buxton].

The author is also flat out wrong on a few major points, most notably the importance of good dev tools. I've found that the better the programmer, the more good tools help: They amplify whatever you've got to give. And I'd take a great programmer using Java over a poor one using any other language. The "dirty little secret" of IT is that quality of personnel matters far more than tools.

1 comment:

Rodrigo said...

I read the post of Obie, he is an asshole full of weed.
From the point where he says "all java develpers are morons" his post is not serious. Lots of people is shooting against this idiot. I think he made a lot of bad to ruby instead boost it. I saw ruby and it really doesn't fit my need. I say with Java for now.