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Low-carb Diet Reduces Inflammation And Blood Saturated Fat In Metabolic Syndrome

According to the Science Daily article "Low-carb Diet Reduces Inflammation And Blood Saturated Fat In Metabolic Syndrome," a low-carbohydrate diet is much more effective than is a low-fat diet at reducing both inflammation and blood-levels of saturated fatty acids for people who suffer from metabolic syndrome.

The facts are that:

  • A low-carb diet lowers blood levels of triglycerides much more effectively then does a low-fat diet
  • Even when one's diet is low in fat, carbohydrate-induced lipogenesis caused by a high-carbohydrate diet (which cannot be avoided if one's diet is low in fat) more than overrides the low fat content of the diet
  • Carbohydrates stimulate insulin secretion which biases fat metabolism towards storage rather than oxidation

The above facts are the reason why a low-carb diet, such as the Atkins Diet, not only works for losing weight, but is healthier than a low fat diet. It also explains why the idea that dietary cholesterol is a significant cause of heart disease is nothing but a myth.

If you suffer from either metabolic syndrome, or are overweight, then sugar and flour are deadly poisons. They will kill you at a relatively early age.

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