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Waistline Growth On High-carb Diets Linked To Liver Gene

From the Science Daily article "Waistline Growth On High-carb Diets Linked To Liver Gene":

Experts have been warning for years that foods loaded with high-fructose corn syrup and other processed carbohydrates are making us fatter. Now, a University of Wisconsin-Madison study has uncovered the genetic basis for why this is so.

Basically, a gene in liver cells (named "SCD-1") produces the enzyme SCD, which synthesizes fatty acids (a major component of fat.) When the SCD-1 gene is present and active, so that the SCD enzyme is produced in liver cells, the SCD enzyne converts any excess carbohydrates into fatty acids, which end up stored as fat by fat cells.

To get and/or stay thin, you have to avoid carbohydrates. Eat protein and fat instead. Instead of "you are what you eat," it's "you are what your body does with what you eat."

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